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Vigorously serving our clients for over 20 years – Dan Chapman & Associates is a national law firm specializing in Personal Injury Law in the state of GA and representing clients all over the country in multiple Mass Tort and Class Action Lawsuits. Our Georgia personal injury lawyers are experienced and ready to fight for your rights today.

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What Help Can The Attorneys At Dan Chapman & Associates Provide?

Our Atlanta, GA personal injury lawyers and staff can provide experienced and dedicated legal help during this stressful time in your life. Our team of attorneys and paralegals are skilled in personal injury cases, and we can fight the insurance company for the compensation you deserve if you’ve suffered an injury, a loss, or any other sort of harm. In fact, a number of our injury attorneys used to represent insurance companies in the past, so they understand exactly how injury claims are evaluated by insurance adjusters. Our Georgia personal injury attorneys already know the tricks the other party is going to use against you- and we can be ready to counter them.

How Does Dan Chapman & Associates Help Me Fight The Insurance Company?

We may first attempt to get you the fair settlement that you deserve from your insurance company. This would have to fully compensate you for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and etcetera. However, if the insurance company refuses to grant you this fair settlement, and you’d rather have a judge or jury decide on your case, we can file a lawsuit against the negligent party or parties- and we’ll fight hard for you against the insurance company, to get the money your case demands. If you’re having trouble with one of these companies, an Atlanta personal injury attorney is your best bet.

Will I Be Able To Speak To My Lawyer?

Absolutely! You will have a paralegal and a dedicated Atlanta personal injury lawyer assigned to your case, and you can speak with both of them regarding your injury lawsuit at any time. Usually, the paralegal working with you will be the easiest to talk to, since they’re in the office every single day, and will normally have all the information you’re seeking. Since our paralegals work only on personal injury cases, they’re extremely knowledgeable about the issues that commonly occur in these cases and can provide you with very fast answers. However, you can also ask to speak to your lawyer and your lawyer, who will also be glad to answer all your questions. Many times, you’ll be able to speak to your lawyer that very same day- but if your lawyer is out of the office or in court, they’ll be happy to return your call usually within one single business day.

Will You Hire Experts To Help With My Injury Case?

If it’s necessary, then yes! Dan Chapman & Associates will hire the best possible experts available to help us win your case. In some cases, where liability or the cause of injury is disputed, we’ll hire former law enforcement officers and biomechanical engineers, who will work closely with us on your case and help with accident reconstruction. These types of experts can help us investigate the accident scene, photograph and diagram the place your injury occurred, create video reconstruction evidence of crashes, measure skid marks and the damage to vehicles to determine speeds at impact, and to identify any other evidence available. This allows us to really see what happened, who is at fault, and what caused your injuries and damages. In some cases, we can even hire medical experts to help us prove the source and extent of an injury. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys will go the extra mile for you.

Your Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

If you’ve been injured as the result of the negligence of another, don’t wait around- call an experienced legal team today. We can start working on your case as soon as possible and get you the results in court that you deserve. Don’t suffer. Call Dan Chapman & Associates now at 1-800-321-4477!

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