Year: 2012

Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers

What To Do & Not Do After A Truck Wreck

This is a general guide to what you should do immediately after a collision with a tractor trailer, large truck. big rig or 18 wheeler.

Say Nothing!

Say as little as possible about the collision. This includes statements to the police or highway patrol. Remember that you must always tell the truth when you do talk, but do not volunteer information. You do not want to say something that can be misconstrued or twisted around to hurt you case. Your innocent comments could be taken as your admission of fault on your part or an admission that you were not hurt and it can take a few days or weeks to discover the nature and extent of your injuries.  You are not trying to hide anything but want your legal counsel present when you speak.

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The 4 Critical Things You Must Do If Injured On The Job

1) Notify your employer immediately that you suffered an injury at work.

2) Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

3) Do not attempt to be tough and hope the injury will go away that only hurts you and your case. Ask for the medical treatment you are entitled to and give the medical provider as much information as possible about your injury and pain.

4) Call Dan Chapman & Associates to get immediate help. The employer and insurance company will have their lawyers working against you from the start. You deserve an experienced workers compensation lawyer fighting for you! Call 678-CHAPMAN (678-242-7626) NOW for a free, no obligation consultation!


  • Free Medical Care – past, present and future
  • Lost Weekly Wages
  • Cash Disability Settlements

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