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When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the pedestrian can suffer substantial injuries that affect him or her for life. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents happen often in cities such as Athens. Drivers are frequently guilty of careless acts that put pedestrians at risk, such as driving while distracted or drunk. At Dan Chapman & Associates, LLC, we are passionate about bringing wrongdoers to justice on behalf of injured pedestrians.

Our Athens pedestrian accident lawyers are committed to helping clients recover. We will fight for the financial compensation that you deserve for your injuries and financial losses. We have almost 30 years of experience going up against car insurance companies and other defendants in pursuit of justice for injured pedestrians. Find out how we can help you today. Call our Athens personal injury lawyers to set up a free consultation by dialing (678) 504-8564.

When to Contact an Athens Attorney

As an injured pedestrian in Georgia, it is important to exercise your legal rights – especially when going up against an insurance company in pursuit of a fair settlement. Even if you suffered life-changing injuries, an insurer will do its best to minimize your payout. You may need representation from an attorney to convince an insurance company to pay you fair damages for the extent of your losses. An attorney can accurately evaluate the worth of your case, help you gather evidence of your losses, and use aggressive negotiation strategies to optimize the outcome of your case.

Who Is Liable for Your Pedestrian Accident?

Liability, or financial responsibility, for your pedestrian accident, will depend on many factors, including how your state handles insurance claims. Georgia is part of the majority as an at-fault state. This means that you must prove that the driver who hit you (or another party) is at fault for your pedestrian accident before you can recover financial compensation. Then, you must negotiate with the driver’s insurer for a fair payout. All drivers in Georgia must carry minimum amounts of liability insurance to pay for victims’ medical bills and other losses after at-fault accidents. If you lived in a no-fault state, on the other hand, you would file a claim with your own insurer, regardless of fault. If you were the driver in this situation, please reach out to our Athens car accident lawyers. 

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Athens

Knowing what steps to take after a pedestrian accident can save you stress in the future. Taking the right actions – and avoiding common mistakes – can make it easier to recover the compensation that you deserve. If you get involved in a pedestrian accident in Athens, take the following steps:

  1. Stay where you are and call the police to report the collision.
  2. Do not admit fault for the pedestrian accident.
  3. Get the driver’s information.
  4. Write down the names and contact numbers of any eyewitnesses.
  5. Take photographs and video footage while you are still at the scene.
  6. Write down your police report number.
  7. Get medical care for your injuries immediately.
  8. Create an injury journal where you document your experience.
  9. Call the driver’s car insurance company to file a claim.
  10. Contact a pedestrian accident lawyer in Athens for legal assistance without delay.

These actions will help you establish the fault of the driver who hit you, as well as demonstrate the extent of your injuries during an insurance company’s analysis of your claim. If you need assistance at any point in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, consult with an Athens personal injury attorney at Dan Chapman & Associates, LLC.

Contact Dan Chapman & Associates, LLC, for a Free Pedestrian Accident Case Review in Athens

Being struck by a vehicle while walking or jogging in Athens, Georgia can change your life forever. What you do next is important for your future. Entrusting your pedestrian accident case to an attorney at Dan Chapman & Associates, LLC, can help you build the strongest possible claim to financial damages. Furthermore, you will gain an advocate and support system during this trying time. We will develop a plan and determine the best way forward for your unique case. Start with a free case consultation in Athens. Call us at (678) 504-8564 or send us a message online to request your meeting.