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If you are suffering from a physical or mental illness that is expected to last for at least 12 months and prevents you from working, you might have questions about social security disability benefits. These government benefits are meant to supplement the income of those who can’t work due to their disabilities. Unfortunately, governmental red tape and procedures can make it difficult to secure the benefits that you deserve.

Attorneys at Dan Chapman & Associates, LLC know that their disabled clients need and are entitled to these benefits. They also know that when you are represented by an attorney, your application for benefits is more likely to be approved than if you handle the application process on your own. Contact our office for a free consultation with one of our Atlanta social security disability attorneys.

Social Security Disability Practice

  • We know how much our disabled clients need our services. We advocate for first-time social security disability applicants and those who have been previously turned down for benefits.
  • Our compassionate attorneys understand that you might be going through a challenging time due to your disability and the frustrating process of securing the benefits that you deserve. We can help by making the application or appeal process easier and more efficient.
  • We exclusively represent clients who are injured or disabled. Our attorneys are not afraid to stand up to the government and fight for the social security disability benefits that our clients deserve.

Qualifying For Disability Benefits

To succeed in a disability insurance application, you must demonstrate that you qualify for the benefits. To be eligible, you must show that you have a disability that prevents you from participating in substantial gainful activity and that you expect your disability to last for 12 months or longer. Additionally, you also need to prove that you have paid into the social security system for a specified amount of time.

What Our Atlanta Attorneys Can Do For You

If you believe you might be entitled to disability benefits, our attorneys will meet with you to evaluate your case. If we agree to move forward with your case, we will help you with completing and filing the necessary paperwork. We will also help you gather evidence that demonstrates your disability, including doctors’ reports and evaluations.

Your case will go before a judge at one or more disability hearings during the application and appeal processes. Our attorneys know that hearings are the time to argue your case and persuade the judge to approve your benefits. Before we present your case to the judge, we will ensure that you and other witnesses know what to expect, including the type of questions you will be asked at the hearing.

Contact an Atlanta Social Security Disability Attorney

The process to apply for disability benefits and prove your eligibility can be complex and challenging, but an experienced attorney can make it easier. If you or a loved one has questions about social security disability, an attorney at Dan Chapman & Associates, LLC, can help. Contact one of our social security disability attorneys for a free consultation to discuss and evaluate your potential eligibility for benefits. Call (678) 504-8564.