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Every year millions of people are injured at work. Although some occupations are more dangerous than others, work injuries can and do happen in every type of job. Regardless of fault for your accident, if you were injured on the job, you might have a workers’ compensation claim for your injury-related losses.

Employers and insurers sometimes make recovering compensation difficult in workers’ compensation claims. If you have suffered a workplace injury, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you get full and fair compensation for your losses. Contact a work injury attorney at Dan Chapman & Associates, LLC for a free consultation. Call us today at (678) 504-8564.

Work Injury Practice in Atlanta

  • Workers’ compensation is a unique area of the law, and the legal process is different for work comp claims than for other types of personal injury claims. Our law firm has represented workers’ compensation clients for more than 50 years, and we know how to get our clients the compensation that they deserve.
  • When we represent work injury clients, we pursue maximum compensation. Insurance representatives frequently try to minimize their claims, but our attorneys will advocate to maximize the value of your claim.
  • We handle all of our injury cases on contingency. This means that our attorneys’ fees will be paid as a portion of your compensation, and you will never be responsible for out-of-pocket legal fees. We do not get paid until we have helped you win your claim.

Workers’ Compensation Insurers

As mentioned above, insurance adjusters often try to limit their claim values. They use different tactics to reduce compensation, such as alleging that a pre-existing condition rather than a work accident caused your injuries. Adjusters will often dispute the extent and severity of your injuries or claim that the injuries you suffered were due to an accident outside of the workplace.

How We Can Help

You might hear that you don’t need an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim because your financial recovery is pre-determined by Georgia’s workers’ compensation benefits schedule. However, an attorney can help to make sure you are treated fairly and fully compensated. The amount of compensation you are entitled to recover depends on several factors, including the type of injury sustained, if your injury is permanent, and your medical work restrictions.

Our attorneys will review your claim and advocate for your full benefits recovery. We will challenge any findings that impact your benefit award if we think you are not being fairly compensated for your injuries and damages. We will also advocate for you to get the medical care that you need to recover from your injuries. If your claim is denied or delayed, we will help you pursue an appeal or another legal strategy to help you secure a fair financial recovery.

Contact an Atlanta Work Injury Attorney

If you have been injured at work, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Hiring a work injury attorney to advocate for your rights will help to ensure that you get a full and fair settlement. Contact Dan Chapman & Associates, LLC, for a free consultation and case evaluation. We will review your case, discuss the value of your claim, and go over your potential legal options.