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Big Trucks Cause Big Damage

The trucking company and their insurance company have had adjusters and accident investigation experts working for them since the day of the crash. Their job is to limit the money paid to you.

You need an experienced team of trucking attorneys working for you and you need them now! We have former insurance company lawyers on our legal team. Call our experienced legal team now at 678-242-7626 (678-CHAPMAN) or 1-800-321-4477 and we will get right to work for you today!

Experienced Atlanta Commercial Trucking Lawyers

In these trucking cases, EXPERIENCE MATTERS! Our legal team and experts understand the complex issues involved in trucking cases and have recovered millions for our injured clients.

A trucking case is not the same as a car wreck case. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has many rules and regulations that apply to trucking companies, as do many states. You need experienced lawyers who know the DOT rules and regulations and who know how to find violations in trucking company’s and driver’s files, logs and data.

Trucking companies are also required to carry large insurance policies. In Georgia, we can even name these insurance companies as a defendant in the lawsuit.

You Need A Georgia Truck Driving Attorney

The truck driver company has its team of experts and lawyers, now you have yours! We will fight for you and your family and seek the full compensation you deserve.

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