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This is a general guide to what you should do and not do immediately after an accident. However, to get more specific and detailed advice you should call one of the experienced members of our legal team for a free and no-obligation consultation and case evaluation. Call us now at 678-242-7626


  • Apologize or say you are sorry.
  • Admit the accident was your fault.
  • Say you are not hurt.
  • Talk to or give any statements to the other person’s insurance company or their investigators.
  • Post any pictures of yourself, or talk about the accident, on Facebook, mySpace or on any other internet or social networking site.


  • Call 911 to report the collision. Georgia law requires that you report an accident right away and so do many insurance policies. Reporting the accident is important so the police can come to the scene, investigate the cause of the collision and write an accident report. It is difficult to later settle a case with no police report.
  • Gather Witness Information. Witnesses are very important in accident cases. Gather the names and phone numbers of anyone who was a witness before, during or after the collision. Witnesses need to be interviewed as soon as possible to lock down their version of what happened.
  • Take Pictures. Take pictures of your property damage to your car and take pictures of the injuries you suffered, such as bruises, cuts, scrapes, scars, bleeding, swelling and the like. A picture can say the same thing as 1,000 words and sometimes more.
  • See a Doctor. It is best to seek medical attention quickly, even if you are not sure that you need it. You may be in shock after the accident and not notice your own injuries. Also, some injuries will not be felt fully until several days after the accident. Do not try to be tough. Staying home and suffering in pain only hurts your case. Even if you do not have health insurance, we know many doctors who will provide you with the medical treatment you need on a lien basis.
  • Notify your Insurance Company. You should notify your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Many insurance policies require prompt notice of the accident to the insurance company so they can investigate. The failure to promptly report the accident may give your insurance company a reason to deny you medical coverage or uninsured motorist coverage. We help our clients report an accident to their insurance company.
  • Notify your Employer. If you are driving for your employer, you should report the accident to your employer immediately. If it is after hours or there is no one available, try to leave a detailed message, including the time, date, and location of the accident. You should also say whether you think you have been hurt, as this may affect your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Contact an Experienced Accident Lawyer. You should seek legal advice immediately from an experienced lawyer. The insurance company has been working since the day of the crash and the insurance company is not working to help you. They are trying to minimize their insured’s negligence and to deny you the money you deserve in order to compensate you for the harms and losses you’ve suffered in the crash.
  • Still, have questions? Contact our Athens accident lawyers or call 678-242-7626