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More than one million people suffer some type of burn injury in the United States each year. Over 4,500 of these burn victims die from their burn injuries each year, and many others require hospitalization.  Some of these injuries occur at work and are covered by workers compensation.  Others are caused by the negligence of another person or company.  Burn injuries are very painful and so is the recovery as layers of dead skin have to be removed and skin grafts are done.  Burn injuries not only leave permanent physical scarring, but can also cause serious mental scarring to go along with the severe pain and suffering a burn victim experiences.  We have helped burn victims recover for their injuries, and we would be honored to help you too.


Burns can come from a number of different sources.  These include:

  • Fires: fires are the most common cause of burn injuries. They typically occur in commercial or residential structures, though it is not uncommon for people to be injured by recreational fires, such as those involving campfires.
  • Electrical burns: these injuries are caused by exposure to high voltage electricity. A strong electric current runs through the body, causing burns at both the point of entry and the point of exit. If the electrical current passes through the heart, it can cause heart failure and even death.
  • Chemical burns: these injuries are caused by exposure to, or contact with, dangerous chemicals. Normally these are strong acids. Chemical burns frequently take place in large plants, factories and other industrial structures.
  • Thermal burns: these occur when a person is exposed to or comes in contact with flashes of extreme heat, such as steam, hot liquids, or hot surfaces.

The experienced burn injury lawyers at Dan Chapman & Associates are ready to help injured people who have suffered from burn injuries.  If you, or a loved one, has been hurt and suffered a burn injury, either on a job, or due to the negligence or fault of another, do not hesitate to contact the experienced burn injury lawyers at Dan Chapman & Associates for help and for answers to your questions.  We will work with your doctors to get you the treatment you need to recover, including plastic surgery for your scars, and we will fight the at fault person’s insurance company to get you the compensation and the justice you deserve.

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