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Car Accident FAQ

Car Accident FAQ / Personal Injury FAQ

Still have questions about your case or potential case? Not sure what to do? Dan Chapman can help! We are always happy to take a call and offer free consultation at 678-CHAPMAN or (678-242-7626).

Want to see what to do and what not to do after a car accident? Visit our car accident page!

What if an insurance adjuster calls me?

Our attorneys do not handle property damage. If they’re calling about assessing your vehicle, we can help advise but it is ultimately your responsibility. If they’re calling about your health, DO NOT speak with them and inform them that they can speak to your attorney. Often an adjuster will sound friendly and try to manipulate you into saying that you’re fine or have conditions less serious than they actually are. They may even say they’re just doing a “preliminary investigation” and that they want to help take care of you financially. This is an attempt to get you to settle for less money. Under no circumstance, if they ask you to sign a release, should you sign it. DO NOT SIGN THE RELEASE. Let us get our hands dirty for you. We will take care of everything related to your personal injury claim.

A healthcare professional/ chiropractor/ doctor that I don’t know called me right after my accident. What should I do?

These are known as “ambulance chasers.” They rummage through public health records to find victims of a car accident to solicit their services, often with hidden motives. If this person is a stranger and is offering to help with your health after an accident, record their name and phone number. Report them to the Georgia Medical Board. Click here to visit their website.


A lawyer contacted me after my accident. What should I do?

While this is a legal grey area, a respectable lawyer should never show up to your hospital room, or contact you over the phone about your accident if they were not already hired by you. Always do your own research into different lawyers before hiring. Often these attorneys go through public records and are looking for quick cases that they will settle as fast as they can to cash a quick settlement. If this person is a stranger to you and harassing you about agreeing to their services, record their name and phone number and report them to the State Bar of Georgia. Click here to visit their website.

Never receive services from a stranger who has called or visited you regarding your accident. Do your own research and do not fall victim to illegitimate practices both legally and medically.

What if I wasn’t hurt in an accident?

The body will attempt to protect itself in an accident. When under duress, your adrenal glands will release adrenaline. This will ramp up all your body processes to minimize lasting damage and reduce the amount of pain you feel. Additionally, your brain will work overtime to prioritize healing in affected areas. Under the right conditions, you may not even know that you’re badly hurt in areas. You may hear someone say, “You’ll be very sore tomorrow.” This is generally true. The effects of the accident is almost always worse the next day. Serious injuries can show themselves in later days, weeks, sometimes months. You should always take an ambulance to the hospital. They will be able to see signs of damage that you’re not aware of such as a concussion, or internal bleeding.

We have seen some motorcyclists become involved in a T-bone accident. A vehicle doesn’t see them and proceeds to pull out of an intersection in front of them. The motorcyclist hits the car which slams their hip or groin into the gas tank. Ultimately they fly over the handlebars and onto the road. With all the adrenaline being released from their body, they assume they are unscathed, deny medical assistance and go home; however, they actually have internal bleeding in the lower part of their body, resulting in an emergency visit to the hospital or even death. Always take an ambulance. Always get help. Taking an ambulance can also help your case! This shows the insurance company that you are in pain and need medical attention, increasing your chances of receiving compensation.


What if the accident happened in the past?

According to  O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33, you have two years to file a personal injury claim from the date of the injury. In the event of a car accident, this would be two years from your crash. Do not hesitate to call!


What if I was injured before the accident?

If you have a pre-existing condition, it is possible that this negatively impacts the compensation received from your accident; however, the responsible party’s insurance company is still liable for agitating your pre-existing condition, or for making it resurface. In these situations, the case can become very complex. It is highly recommended you consult one of our attorneys if this applies to you.

What if the accident happened while you’re at work?

If driving is part of your job, or you were involved in an accident through a company vehicle, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. For more information about work injury, please visit our page and FAQ about it here:


What if the accident prevents me from working?

You may be entitled to disability benefits or workers’ compensation benefits in this situation. What you apply for depends on your job and your injuries. It is best to call an attorney so we can find the best route for you.


How do I receive financial compensation?

Dan Chapman and Associates has been achieving compensation for their clients for over 30 years. We can leverage our knowledge of the law and the connections we’ve obtained to your benefit. One of the ways we get compensation is by negotiating medical costs with chiropractors, physical therapists, and hospitals. Less money spent on medical costs means more money in your pockets. However, our lawyers aren’t just one trick ponies. There are economic damages such as loss of wages, loss of earning capacity, and medical bills that we can use for compensation; but, there are also non-economic damages. We can prove pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other claims to help our victims deal with the aftermath of an accident.


How much money can I get from a settlement?

To be strictly honest, it is very case dependent. Lawyers are also legally prohibited from promising a certain amount of money or a certain outcome of your case. There is no “average” amount of money that one can reasonably expect despite how many cases we have won. A small fender bender yielding just a sprained wrist on our victim could have their insurance claim denied. We then move your case to our esteemed litigation attorney, who fights the insurance company in court. The insurance company could pay out immediately. You might find out one year later that the damages from this accident are more severe and debilitating than previously imagined. There are too many variables to make a blanket statement. What we can say is to give us a call at 678-CHAPMAN or (678-242-7626) and a lawyer can help walk you through your case. We understand that a car accident can suddenly become a huge financial burden for our clients, but we have to ask for patience and cooperation to get the compensation you deserve.


How long does it take to receive my settlement?

Much like our answer above, it is very case dependent.The severity of your accident and injuries can drastically change the timeline. How quickly the insurance company communicates with our lawyers is also a big contributor. Hiring a lawyer does increase how quickly the insurance company moves on their decisions, but it is not unheard of for a small accident to yield a case that takes as long as six months, sometimes a year. We cannot make a generalization and advise that you call our attorneys to have a better idea of what is involved with your specific case. We believe that every case, with every client, has unique scenarios and situations that require special attention. That’s why we’re dedicated to what we do and why we’re the best personal injury attorneys in the metro Atlanta area.


What if I can’t afford to pay my medical bills while you fight my case?

Not to worry! Dan Chapman and Associates has every base covered. We will contact the hospitals and other medical professionals taking care of you that a lawyer is handling your case. They will not pressure you for billing even if it moves to a collection agency. Your credit will not be affected. Upon receiving a settlement, the medical bills must be paid, but we will assist in making sure that all you have to do during and after your case is relax.


What if I can’t afford a lawyer? Why do I need a lawyer?

Dan Chapman and Associates work off a “Contingent Fee.” This means that our attorneys work for free until we win. There are zero fees, there are no hidden payments, there is no interest. All you need to afford for us to fight for you is a phone call and your time.
A lawyer helps in many ways. When the opposing insurance company hears that you have a lawyer fighting for you, they are quicker to move on decisions and to communicate due to the potential threat of a lawsuit filed against them. Dan Chapman and Associates has former insurance company lawyers working for us and thus working for you. We know the ins and outs of how they work to get the compensation you deserve. Even though you can negotiate with insurance companies on your own, we know how to protect you legally and how they may try and bully you into taking a smaller settlement.


What is the process of a typical personal injury case?



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