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Motorcyclists know the joy of riding their bike over the open road.  The wind on your face, the warn sun on your body and the camaraderie of fellow bike riders make riding a motorcycle one of the great joys in life. However, motorcycle riders also know the dangers of the road and that they face a greater accident risk than people who ride in cars.  We have all seen billboards that stress safety for motorcycle riders.  One frequently seen billboard says “Look twice and save a life”.  That is because many people do not see motorcycle riders as easily as they see cars, and in these days of distracted driving because of cell phones the danger is extremely high.  In fact, when compared to those in passenger vehicles, motorcyclists are about:

  • 27 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident
  • 6 times more likely to be hurt in a wreck.1Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In addition, the injuries from motorcycle crashes tend to be much more severe than those suffered in a car crash and we see more broken bones and head injuries, in addition to deaths.

In the aftermath of any motorcycle accident, determining who is liable and how to get on the path to recovery can be essential for crash victims and their families. We can help! Our experienced injury lawyers have helped many injured motorcycle riders recover for their injuries, harms and losses.

The lawyers at Dan Chapman & Associates are ready to help motorcycle crash victims and families figure out all of their options for seeking the compensation and we will help fight the insurance company to get the justice you deserve. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle crash, do not hesitate to contact Dan Chapman & Associates for answers to your questions.

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During your FREE consultation and case evaluation, we will explain your rights and legal options. Free virtual and mobile consultations are also available for those who cannot visit our offices. 

 Motorcycle Accident Causes: Who Is At Fault For Motorcycle Accidents?

Determining fault for a motorcycle accident will depend on the exact cause(s) of the crash. While various factors can cause motorcycle accidents, the following are some of the people who are typically liable for these crashes:

  • Other motorists– Other drivers on the road can fail to look for, see, or yield to motorcycle riders. This is most likely to occur when other motorists are negligent or careless.  Such careless drivers will violate traffic laws, drive while distracted, drive while drunk or impaired or drive while fatigued.
  • Manufacturers and/or other companies– In some cases, parties not at the scene of the crash can be liable for the crash.  For instance, a car could have a defective part that causes a crash or the motorcycle itself could have a manufacturing defect.  If the motorcycle accident involves a commercial truck or 18 wheeler, the company who owns the truck may be liable if its failure to trucking laws contributed to the wreck.
  • Other parties– A number of other parties may also play a role in causing a motorcycle accident.  We have handled cases where a crash was caused by a road hazard during road construction or maintenance and the state or county department of transportation was responsible.  A private roadway construction company could also be liable for a motorcycle crash when their failure to properly redirect traffic causes a crash.

A Look Some of the Latest Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle riders are far more vulnerable to injury than a person riding in a car.  The smaller size and lighter weight of motorcycles (as compared to passenger vehicles) make riding a motorcycle much more risky and dangerous, than driving a car.

The latest motorcycle accident statistics,1 shown here reveal just how often motorcycle riders are hurt or killed in accidents in the United States.  According to these statistics:

  • Fatal motorcycle crashes represent about 13 percent of all traffic-related deaths. This means that nearly 5,000 people are killed in motorcycle accidents a year.
  • Since 2014, deadly motorcycle accidents have increased more than 8 percent. Since 1997, motorcycle fatalities have doubled.
  • Roughly 88,000 motorcycle riders are injured in motorcycle accidents a year.
  • Alcohol impairment and speeding are two major contributing factors to motorcycle accidents. Both of these factors are 100% preventable.

Statistics also indicate that:

  • Helmets are about 37% effective at preventing fatal injuries and about 67% effective at preventing brain injuries.
  • About 40% of riders killed in motorcycle accidents were notwearing a DOT-approved helmet at the time of the crash.

Recovering from a Motorcycle Crash: How a Lawyer Can Help Motorcycle Accident Victims

The injury attorneys at Dan Chapman & Associates provide urgent and essential support to clients injured in a motorcycle accident.  The sooner we start the better for you.  Many times, it is crucial to have all evidence protected, including having evidence gathered at the scene of the crash.  Ifwe are hired quickly, we can get accident reconstruction experts involved immediately.  These experts are often former law enforcement officers with extensive training and experience in crash scene analysis.  Not only can they go take photos and measurements at the scene to preserve important evidence, but they can also download data from the computers on the at fault car or truck to determine speed and braking actions just prior to a crash.  Much of this evidence can make or break a case

Recovering Damages from a Motorcycle Crash

We seek full compensation for motorcycle riders injured in a crash.  These damages can include, but not necessarily restricted to:

  • Past medical bills, such as ambulance bills, emergency room bills, surgery bills
  • Future medical costs, such as doctors’ visits, surgery, physical therapy, medications and medical equipment
  • Property damage
  • Past and future lost wages and earnings
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental and physical pain and suffering.
  • Punitive damages to punish bad behavior, such as DUI or hit and run, can be available in some cases. 

Take the First Step towards Recovery & Justice: Contact a Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm

A Houston motorcycle accident lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm can make all of the difference in the strength and success of your claim.

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During your FREE consultation and case evaluation, we will explain your rights and legal options. Free virtual and mobile consultations are also available for those who cannot visit our offices. 


1: According to the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) (Data is from 2015, the most recent year for which complete statistics are available.)


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