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Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Work Injury/ Workers’ Compensation Cases

What is Workers’ Compensation?

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Have you or a loved one been involved in a workplace accident?  It is important that you contact an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation in order to ensure that your rights are adequately represented.  Contact the attorneys at Dan Chapman & Associates.  We offer free case evaluations and collect no fees unless you win!
Our top workers’ compensation lawyer, Ryan A. Meighan, has compiled a list of frequently asked questions that are asked when he signs a new case. If you have questions and want a lawyer’s professional answer, click on the links below!

1)      What Should I Do If I Am Hurt at Work?

2)      What Is Workers’ Compensation?

3)      Exclusive Remedy

4)      Can I Sue My Employer?

5)      Liability and Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

6)      Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

7)      Catastrophic Injuries Under Georgia Law

8)      Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Violence

9)      Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Considered “Taxable Income?”

What Benefits Am I Entitled To?

10)   Income Benefits Under Georgia Law

11)   Average Weekly Wage and How It is Calculated

12)   Medical Benefits Under Georgia Law

13)   Mileage Reimbursement

14)   Child Support Obligations

How Cases Settle

15)   Ways Cases Settle

16)   What to Expect at Mediation

What to Expect Following Settlement

17)   Liability Versus No-Liability Settlements

18)   Attorney’s Fees

19)   Settlement – Now What?

20)   When Will I Receive My Settlement Check?

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