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Should I Hire an Attorney After Suffering a Work Injury?

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Posted on September 2, 2021

Georgia, like other states, has laws that require that every company protects its employees from injuries at work. Some of these laws require that the company maintain a safe workplace so that no employees get injured.  However, the reality is accidents happen and employees get injured on the job even with safety measures in place.

If you’ve suffered an injury at work, it is crucial that you hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to help you protect your rights and be sure you get full compensation. This article will explain why that is a good idea.

The Protection of Your Rights

After you sustain an injury at your job, your employer, or its worker’s compensation insurance company, will try to rid themselves of any responsibility in the matter. They will look for any number of reasons to deny the claim or to lower the benefits they must pay under Georgia law.  It is not personal.  It is business for them.  You need someone that will inform you of your claims and rights, and who fights to get you full compensation.

The benefits available under the workers’ compensation law are mainly centered around your reasonable medical expenses and a limited amount of lost wages.  You cannot recover for pain and suffering in a worker’s compensation case or for your full lost wages and earnings.  For this reason, our lawyers are always looking for what is called 3rd party claims to go along with a worker’s compensation claim.  These 3rd party claims might be a separate injury claim against the driver of a vehicle who caused a crash, a claim against another worker who is responsible for the injury, or maybe a defective product that led to the injury.  In the 3rd party claim, we can also seek recovery for medical expenses, but also for pain and suffering and full lost wages and earnings.

An experienced lawyer will know just what to do to represent you in the best way possible. They will defend your interests and get a good settlement, regardless of what your employer or their worker’s compensation insurer does to try to limit your claim.

Lawyers Get Clients More Money

Statistics show that people who hire lawyers get higher settlements than those who represent themselves. The reason behind this is simple. Experienced lawyers understand what the law requires and what is fair compensation and are not bluffed by an insurance company’s claim of fair compensation.

A Lawyer Can Protect You

Employers are never happy when you file a worker compensation claim.  If they self-insure, they know the claim will be costing them money.  If they buy commercial insurance coverage for workers’ compensation claims, they know your claim will make their annual premiums rise and that will also cost them money.  Many employers turn their backs on injured workers and respond by demoting the employee, lowering their wages, or even firing the injured worker.  An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure you are treated fairly under the law and don’t suffer any further after your workplace injury.

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