Social Security Disability Insurance & Supplemental Security Program

SSDI / Supplemental Security Program

georgia-social-security-disability-insurance-calimsUnderstanding the different types of Social Security insurance programs can be confusing and frustrating.  Our attorneys are specialized in reviewing your case and knowing which path to take when filing claims for Social Security benefit claims in Georgia. Peter Brown and Penelope Morris have decades of experience helming clients understand the laws and navigating them through the process to make sure you get what you deserve.

Our attorneys are experts in this field and can get you the benefits you’re entitled to. They will review your case, medical history, and other determining factors the presiding judge considers and will aid in overturning your previously denied claim.

The consultation is free and you will owe nothing unless benefits are awarded. Give us a call at 678-242-7626 or complete the intake form below.

Social Security Denied Claim Form

Intake form for denied Social Security claims.