Stipulation and Agreement in Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims

Stipulation and Agreement in Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims

After you claim has settled and the settlement documents have been approved by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, by law, the Employer/Insurer will have 20 days (17 days if the insurer is located outside of Georgia) in which to issue the settlement checks.  In the event the settlement checks are not issued within 20 days of the Board’s approval of the settlement documents, then the Employer/Insurer may be subject to a late-payment penalty equal to 20% of the total settlement amount.

It important to note that the Employer/Insurer will issue two separate checks – one check to cover the attorney’s fees and expenses, and a second check made payable to the injured worker.  These checks will often be mailed to your attorney’s office and your attorney will contact you once they have received the settlement proceeds.

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