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Every day, millions of Americans enter their cars for a routine drive. One wrong move by another driver could potentially change the entire day and even the entire life of an individual. Following a car accident, a victim might make rash decisions that could affect the compensation they receive.

Victims might think that the first offer from the offending party is worth taking, but the entirety of the circumstances must be evaluated for just compensation. One consideration is the extent of the physical damage to a victim’s vehicle. Even more potentially severe is the damage to the victim’s health.

An injury could lead to an exorbitant amount of medical bills. Severe injuries could lead to permanent damage causing emotional and financial distress. A victim’s ability to work and provide for their family could be forever altered.

Choosing a Georgia car accident attorney familiar with the laws governing your case could be the most important decision to make following an accident. A well-trained lawyer will evaluate the evidence in your case and negotiate for an amount that is fair for the victim’s pain.At Dan Chapman & Associates, our Tucker car accident attorneys have significant experience helping those injured in car wrecks. Call today for a free consulation.

The Role of a Georgia Car Accident Attorney

Immediately following an accident, a series of decisions that could impact a victim’s ability to recover is instantly set in motion. In most circumstances, a victim only has one chance to be compensated.

Here are the potential factors that a victim might consider following an accident:

  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Calculating the extent of the damages from the accident
  • Deciding upon pursuing full legal action or accepting a settlement
  • Determining the impact of an accident on quality of life
  • Reporting and gathering evidence from the police

Why Fault Matters in a Car Accident

The United States has two separate systems for handling car accidents: “fault” and “no-fault”. States that follow a fault system require the responsible driver to cover the losses of the other drivers while no-fault states require drivers to have their own insurers who will cover the cost of an accident.

In a “fault” system, third parties are allowed to file a claim against another insurer. In other words, insurance companies are able to go after the insurer of the “at-fault” driver. In a “no-fault” system, drivers will file a claim with their own insurer for reimbursement regardless of fault (up to an amount listed in the policy).

Georgia is an at-fault state. As such, insurers will need solid evidence to prove the other driver’s insurance will cover the costs of the accident. Statements, police reports, witness testimony, pictures, etc. are all valuable evidence insurers will use to prove their case.

How Insurance Companies Approach a Car Accident

While insurance companies are unique in the type of services provided, victims should remember that they are still businesses that are concerned with their bottom line. A statement requested by an insurance adjuster should be approached with caution.

Insurance companies are incentivized to settle quickly. Some questions may seem leading or even rushed. Questions can also be used for statements that are taken out of context. Lastly, full information related to the case may not yet be available (ex/ police report, medical report).

A statement can, and often is, recorded by an insurance company. There is no obligation to provide an insurance company with a recorded statement and preparation beforehand with an attorney can ensure the information is in your best interests.

Seeking out a car accident attorney prior to speaking to an insurance company can help prevent a victim’s statement from being used against the best interest of the victim.

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