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A personal injury can be debilitating. Although a personal injury is almost never expected, the event starts a cascade of decisions that must be evaluated immediately. Victims only have one chance to be compensated the way that they deserve.

While any award may be appreciated, an accident can be forever life-changing. Injuries could result in permanent disabilities affecting an individual’s ability to work, to care for their family, and to enjoy their usual hobbies. An injury could even result in severe brain or spinal injuries affecting the ability to walk.

At Dan Chapman & Associates, our attorneys are focused on maximizing the amount you receive and ensuring you get what you deserve. Don’t let large insurance companies or big-name law firms threaten you with litigation that pressures you to settle for unfair compensation. Choose the best Tucker personal injury lawyer to represent you.

What Does Personal Injury Mean?

A personal injury is an injury suffered by an individual. The legal area of “personal injury” refers to the rules governing whether a victim is entitled to compensation. Personal injury falls under a larger body of law known as “tort” law.

A “tort” is an action that is wrong. Tort law is a type of law that deals with civil liability and the concept of “negligence.” Negligence can be thought of as the failure to take proper care to do something when there would be a general consensus to act carefully.

Plaintiffs must prove the following five elements for negligence:

  • Duty: Did the defendant (aggressor) owe a duty to the plaintiff (victim)?
  • Breach: Did the defendant fail to use the typical standard of care exhibited when carrying out their duty?
  • Actual Cause: Did the actions of the defendant lead to the plaintiff’s harm?
  • Proximate Cause: Was it the type of harm that would be expected based on the defendant’s actions?
  • Damages: Was the plaintiff harmed?

What Types of Accidents Are Considered Personal Injury?

There are many types of accidents that would constitute a personal injury.

Vehicular accidents are common due to the extent of damage that a vehicle can cause. Passengers, other drivers, or pedestrians are typical plaintiffs who would pursue a personal injury claim. One consideration when choosing an attorney is to make sure the firm has experience with the type of vehicle at hand. While there is some similarity between laws governing differing vehicles, the body of law and calculation of damages for an 18-wheeler truck going 60 mph is considerably different than a victim struck by a bicycle going 5 mph.

Premises liability accidents refer to a personal injury caused by the negligence of a property owner. A common type of premises liability claim brought are “slip and fall” accidents. These accidents occur when a visitor trips/slips and falls on a property due to the owner’s negligence. Common slip and fall accidents include not placing “Caution” signs after cleaning the floor, not making sure the floor is clear of hazards or wires, etc.

Wrongful death actions are the most severe form of personal injury claims. A wrongful death occurs when an individual needlessly dies when death could have been prevented.

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When a personal injury occurs, the clock to act starts. Don’t delay in seeking the care you deserve. Contact a Tucker personal injury attorney at Dan Chapman & Associates to represent you today.